During my health journey, my activity level quickly became comprised and I had to get creative in order to get the most out of a workout without creating more inflammation, which would ultimately lead to a crash. I also very quickly realized that some movement and working out does not create so much inflammation. Yet, it has a much more beneficial impact on aging in our bodies than the way I was used to training which involved a lot of yoga, which was fine, but I was used to doing full hour plus high impact interval training. (Another post coming regarding the long term effects of certain training on the body and the aging process)

Along side with my rebound, I use the vibration plate often. According to research on these vibrations plate and from my own opinions from my personal use, the benefits include increased circulation, cellular oxygenation, blood flow, fat loss, lymphatic flow and faster recovery. There has also been much research provided on enhanced metabolism, hormone balance and elevation in natural growth hormone. The effects of performing workouts on this plate have been profound and much less strenuous on the body. Nearly all resistant training can be performed on this in a modified format.

The vibration plates work wonderful in adjacency with some other therapies and weight loss methods. One method I would also incorporate was cyrothkrpay chambers and returning home and getting on to the plate to break down fat. I had great results with that, but that was such me experimenting as always!

Learn more about The Many Health Benefits of Whole Body Vibrational Training at fitness.mercola.com