Recently on my travels to Tulum, Mexico, I had the pleasure of experiencing a sound bath and to work with Charlotte- the founder of Naa Chan Kan. I actually met her during a Temezcalli ceremony. She and her partner created the Naan’s Chan Kan project with the intention to preserve ancient practices and languages and keep them alive. They, and their son, are truly a spiritual and magical family.

I have participated in many other forms of sound healing, but this experience was very profound for me. Charlotte composes the sound bath using Tibetan singing bowls that originated 26 centuries ago. Charlotte has an incredibly peaceful energy and spirit that I connected with instantly.

The Himalayans used these bowls in ancient practices to quiet the mind and to raise the consciousness and create energy flow, and to remove blockages throughout the body. During the ceremony I was in quite a meditative state. This state is crucial to the mind and body being open to receiving healing effects. We are all composed of energy. During sound healing, the vibrations from the sound bowls shift the vibration through the body’s chakra centers to create an equilibrium and harmony in the mind, body and soul.

The ceremony began by me slipping into a silk kimono, as this would eliminate any constriction on my body that could interfere with my energy and vibration. Next, she burnt sage to clear the energy of myself and the space. Then the magic began with the orchestration of the bowls. It was truly so transformational in terms of the vibrational experience and shift. I felt vibration and sound penetrate throughout every cell in my brain and body. The relaxation was at my deepest level and all thought left me. My mind was clear. I was liberated and free to receive this healing. The ceremony lasted for one and a half hours. She first worked to do a realization of where I needed healing most. For me, it was my heart chakra where I had many wounds and had closed off a little; this affected my stomach as well. The sound from the bowls and the music from the Native American flute was transcending.

After the ceremony when I awoke out of my hypnotic daze, I took a minute to recollect myself and reflect on my physical, emotional and mental being. I felt more connected and calm. I also had movement in my stomach area which had been constricted due to my blockages. I felt like I could breathe again and my nervous system calmed and my thoughts cleared. The effects of this ceremony have lasted and I continue to feel the sense of emotional release. My friend and husband also participated on their own and had tremendous success and emotional release from their experience as well. There is an internal reflection phase and self analyzation that certainly takes place.

It is a beautiful and transformational experience. Vibration is powerful and can have a lasting effect on the water in our body. Our body is composed of mainly water. Vibration has the power to change the information and memory that the water holds within our body.

Since this treatment I have had the luxury of a clear and peaceful mind, better sleep (being an insomniac…this is magic), vivid dreams, and mental clarity.