Understanding this connection and furthering my knowledge of the connection between emotion and disease was incredibly empowering for my progress. Emotions have a direct impact on organs and meridians, creating imbalances and altering your constitution which can create an environment for disease. The concept of emotional stress on the meridians and organs largely stem from ancient Chinese medicine; arising from the healing system of the five elements.

Grief and depression is largely associated with the lungs and large intestines. Fear is associated with kidneys and bladder. Worry and nervousness is related to the spleen and stomach. Anger and frustration is related to the liver and the gallbladder. Happiness and joy is associated to the heart and small intestine, and anxiety is associated with the large intestine. It is actually interesting to look from within connect the dots within your own health and emotions.

I was always aware that any emotional conflict within or imprinted into our subconscious had to be damaging to our health. I am definitely not one to live my life in the past and am thankful for that, as that can completely hinder anyone’s growth permanently unless changed. In the beginning days of my healing and treatment, I had hit many walls because I still had to confront some underlying issues I was dealing with at an emotional level. My doctor at the Sophia Clinic in Seattle made this aspect of my growth to success very prominent. I insisted that I was fine and didn’t really have an emotional blockages. She simply smiled and I knew I was so wrong! She brought down that rabbit hole really quickly, but it was so needed for success in my development towards remission.

As I began to dive into how emotional impressions were left in the subconscious years ago, it took me about one year to come through on the other end and really feel that I had emotional liberation, FREEDOM. I felt as though chains wrapped around my heart were broken and felt so much lighter.

There are some profound people doing amazing works around this topic. Energy medicine and energy healing is my most favorite therapy and topics in general- I truly resonate with this. Since I became completely embedded into energy healing about 5 years ago, I have truly built an incredible support system and group of people that I adore and find magical in their work and in their presence.

I have learned and am still learning on how to master protecting myself and my energy. This is difficult at times, but is absolutely necessary to improve  my wellbeing and sustain that success throughout my life. I once was told that I only have so much energy available in a day emotionally and physically, and then was asked how would I be utilizing that energy. I was instructed to put a day of energy down on paper and reflect. I saw how I was abusing and mishandling my energy expenditure, and quickly made changes to spend my energy where it was important to me.

Sometimes, unfortunately in order to grow we must leave behind or limit some people we used to associate with, habits, places, and mostly thought processes. I have always suffered from empathy and feeling bad for the world, and thought that I had to try to help everyone and in every situation. While I do try to help where I can and it doesn’t hurt me or affect me, I have implemented new strategies and methods of doings so to protect my energy. I was taught that this was not an act of selfishness but an act of growth.

I have become equipped with the knowledge of world masters in this area of healing and have been given the tools to implement this into my own life and my family’s life. Emotional healing can be far more difficult than any other form of healing in my experience as it is buried deep within our subconscious; but consequently enough if not dealt with, the repercussion is detrimental.

There are many concepts, therapies and tools to help heal emotional blockages and revitalize organs and meridians. Here is a list of some of my favorites.




EFT tapping

Chinese herbs


Clearing your spaces energy with sage burning


Electromagnetic healing


Find ways that resonates with you to obtain emotional clearance. I also have utilized knowledge and practices from Dr. Joe Despernza, Bruce Lipton and Kelly Brogan who all have paramount knowledge and teachings to personal development in overcoming emotional blockages.