Lyme disease is tricky and affects people in different ways. Lyme made an invisible entry into my life. While some people are left with the visible bulls eye rash, I was not. I was challenged with my diagnosis for this reason. I did not know where to even start to begin my healing journey as I was unsure of what I was dealing with. I am still quite not sure how long ago I became infected. What I do remember were my initial symptoms. I remember having about 4 golf size balls surrounding the base of my neck making it so painful to move. That lasted for months. Following that, my fatigue and vertigo started to challenge my mobility. I would suffer hot and cold sweats daily for two years. I knew that something was incredibly wrong but had no visible signs of how this happened.

In my early days of illness, I truly was not aware of Lyme disease and autoimmune disease. There was much less information circulating than there is now, and I am so happy that that has changed. I learned to stop doubting myself and truly sought the best doctors in alternative medicine to diagnose me, and also had the diagnosis verified by other doctors. When proper diagnoses is given, the healing and transition can start. EDUCATION is key. Educating myself became my success. Even though I was in the hands of many great practitioners, I always went beyond to further my knowledge base so that I was fully equipped to make the best decisions I could for my treatments and healing. Never doubt yourself or your body- when something does not feel right, get checked and diagnosed. Really put an effort into locating the best doctor to diagnose, as there is nothing more important than this stage.