How amazing this world is and all it has to offer, a plethora of knowledge and an abundance of beauty.  When traveling, which I do often, I have an interest in participating in local healing traditions and exploring experiences and products in wellness. I am so very blessed to have the opportunity to fulfill this passion of discovery of worldly healing traditions. On my recent travels to Tulum, Mexico, which is a truly magical and spiritual land, which I refer to as Never Never Land, I had the opportunity to experience traditional healings. I was introduced to Temazcal, which is the most traditional sweat lodge. Our ceremony was guided by a beautiful couple named Charlotte and Hugo, from Naan’s Chan Kan Culture Y Tradicion.  They walked us through the history and the process of this ceremony. Temazcalli is referred to as a hot stone house, which is known as one of the most sacred and ancient ceremonies of Anahuac. I was so fascinated to know that the stone house represents the womb of mother earth, where we enter to purify what no longer serves us purpose and rejuvenate and balance our energy using the four elements. There is chanting, singing, and prayer which results in a connection to life and the force of our healing Mother Nature. In there we are asked to set intentions and give gratitude for life and the elements of nature that give us our life.

The ceremony begins with body cleansing with the use of herbs burned and waved around the body as we turn and face all pilars of the earth. We then enter the Temazcal, which looks somewhat like an igloo with blankets on top. Hot volcanic stones are placed in the center and sacred medicines are placed on top which are breathed in. The process can last anywhere from 40 minutes to one hour or more depending how many people are inside with you. There are four increments to the ceremony and at each blessing of elements the “porta” (door) is opened for relief. Each blessing was to an element: the air, water, fire and earth. It is extremely hot inside, like nothing I have ever experienced before. I have done many heat induced treatments, but this was very different, very spiritual and hot. It was slightly unbearable entering the third blessing. I turned and laid flat on my belly and envisioned that I was a trunk of a tree and my roots were implanted into the soil and Mother Nature was nourishing me with her water. It worked so well, mind over matter, to get through the ceremony and not give up.

I made it through and in the end we gave thanks and gratitude to what we set our intentions to. The ceremony was not only a spiritual experience, but had healing properties. It is beneficial for skin, inflammation, pain and illness. This is a great opportunity to practice deep meditation as that can be beneficial to get through the intense heat. After the ceremony we immediately ran into the ocean to cool and cleanse what no longer served purpose and rid ourselves of negativity.

This was truly a beautiful and spiritual experience. One that I will remember and continue to participate in. Truly a blessing to be with the people I was that evening. Such a powerful sense of love, gratitude and consciousness.