Sound healing includes everything from Crystal singing bowls, guided mediation, binaural beats, frequency music, chants. Sound healing is really music and sound for the soul and mind. There is something incredible healing and magical when you block out the world around you and are stimulated on spiritual and mental level. Sound travels through our ears and enters the brain creating a shift in our brain waves that works on a level of frequency. The energy and vibrational shift then creates an emotional, physical and mental response and affects our chemicals, hormones and actions. The chemical shift in our brains then create a shift in our biology which improves our well being.

When I need to rebalance and fine my center, I will always tune into sound therapy. It will refocus my thoughts and allow me to gain control over my breath again, which I important for any state of good health. As much as I found myself engaging into the sound therapy of choice, I also became very aware of the fact that I was embracing that moment that I was in. Much of the time life just has us so busy and engaged in our duties that we often forget to engage in the moment. I found sound therapy helped me do so and also trained my brain to continue this habit in my everyday life. Guided meditation became a really strong go to solution to maintain sanity and balance. Some of my go to guided meditations are with Deepak Chopra and Joe Desperenza which include sound therapy. The guided meditations help me stay focused and in deep meditative states. I am able to maintain a healthy balanced life and I use this always to recenter me.

Sound became a great escape for me allowing me to become aware and present within my body and mind. It granted me my own space and within my space I was able to enter a certain brain wave and create new and prosperous energy.

My energy became softer and relaxed. The vibration of these sounds truly transcends through your body and creates a lasting effect in your personal demeanor and energy.

I did a series on and off of oxygen IV therapy and during the treatment binaural beats were always played in the background which provided an environment for deeper relaxation. Binaural beats works by simultaneously sending different sound frequency to each ear creating brainwave states, alpha, theta, delta, beta and gamma. In the evenings I will also listen electroceutical sound therpay with my son before bed which stimulates the brain to relax alongside the nervous system.

There are many innovative sound therapy techniques and products that can really have power on altering the brain structure, have deeper power on meditation, and have extraordinary benefits on healing.