Did you ever hear of people being mysteriously cured from an “incurable disease”? Moving away from the medical system finding alternatives to healing and cures? There are many articles and case studies put out on this topic, such as the Spontaneous Remission Project and works of Kelly A. Turner, PHD.

Kelly A. Turner went out on a mission to seek how these people were curing themselves. While these people were definitely not sitting and waiting for a miracle, in their stories they all shared similar factors.

*Radically changing their diet

*Taking control of their health

*Following their intuition

*Using herbs and supplements

*Release suppressed emotions

*Increasing positive emotions

*Embracing social support

*Deepening spiritual connection

*Having strong reasons for living

All of these factors display the act of taking self control over mind, body and spirit by incorporating habits, practices and lifestyle adjustments, most of all the belief and power of yourself to heal. Having the discipline and commitment to yourself, making yourself your number one priority. Whats even more incredible is power of these factors above as a preventative. Investing into yourself is your greatest return on investment.