Ozone is molecular O3 oxygen, regular O2 contains two oxygen atoms while ozone has three atoms. Basically, ozone is a different type of oxygen, this is often how leading ozone expert Dr Frank. Shallenberger explains ozone.

Ozone has many benefits if used correctly.  Generally speaking, it is said that diseases thrive in low oxygenated environments. The more oxygen we have flowing through our bodies and organs the more difficult it becomes for diseases, bacteria, parasites to survive. Ozone therapy improves brain function and cognitive function. Ozone also mitochondrial energy, decreases inflammation and increases blood flow and circulation.

Ozone can be delivered into the body in a few different ways. Iv’s, ozone ten pass which is probably the most aggressive form, but very effective for killing parasites, bacteria, and toxins. Other ways include injections on sites, capsules and rectal ozonation.

Overall, ozone is a power house treatment and very beneficial for people suffering autoimmune diseases.

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