The Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) is a mind-body approach to assist with stress-related conditions. Developed in the early 1980s is a psychosomatic stress reduction intervention procedure aimed at improving health. Neuro Emotional Technique combines a number of techniques and principles from traditional Chinese medicine, chiropractic, and applied kinesiology. It is a holistic approach focusing on imbalances in the structure of the skeletomuscular system, unresolved “negative emotional blocks”, toxins in the body, and deficiencies in nutrition. NET describes “negative emotional complexes” (NEC) as being stored in the body, and claims to help release or resolve them. Anecdotally, patients reported they were less stressed, happier, and felt more at ease after treatment with NET.

This treatment is distinguished from psychotherapy in that it is not a therapy directed to the psyche. It does not employ counseling, nor does it advise behavioral changes. It does not have a goal of insight for the patient. It is not a ‘talk-it-out’ cure. It does not teach anything, and it does not show how to learn from one’s life experiences.

The goal of NET is to identify and correct physical abnormalities and not emotions. In fact, emotions do not need to be corrected. Darwin expounded on emotions in a non-psychological way, supporting the concept that emotions are normal and healthy phenomena found in humans and animals. In an unhealthy organism, however, emotions can cause psychosomatic and somatopsychic problems. In short, NET deals with those weakened physiological states that have ultimately made the body vulnerable to the formation of what NET has defined as a Neuro Emotional Complex (NEC).