Dear beautiful souls,

I am very grateful to be back to share and extremely humbled by my spiritual growth and learning over the last six months. I have been on an internal spiritual journey for quite some time now in my life- years in fact. The amount of releasing and receiving that has occurred in my journey is absolutely magical, humbling, and has left me with the most indescribable sense of connection, liberation, and opening of my heart.

For many years upon falling ill, much of my focus for healing was performed externally. I would have these major obstacles overcome and go through so much physical healing, only to fall sick again and have the vicious cycle of repeating and repressed symptoms transpiring over and over again. For a couple of years, I truly struggled with this sense of void and being lost in this roller coaster of symptomatic dis-ease and discomfort. I would look to everyone and everything, hanging on to every word spoken to me and give these outside words and ideas a life of their own. A strong dependency on my outside world was formed incorporating techniques and therapies. They were all very powerful and improved my wellbeing but there was a missing component. The power of me that I failed to see and remember.

I then started to do the interior work and rebuild my core foundation. I discovered that the formula was within me along. When I started to move my attention and awareness to the inside, the magic literally started happening very quickly. We are all “spiritual beings having a human experience”. Life on earth is not supposed to be difficult. There should be a harmonious flow of life when you are aligned with your truth. I  decided to allow my spirit to shine bright and navigate my life as it became clear that my spirit is governed by a powerful source. I lifted my veil and choose to see, feel, hear, tase and listen. I called upon my heart and asked my heart to guide me. I applied my five senses and allowed the higher source within my internal architecture to guide me, to teach me, to lead me. Focusing on my “now” allowed my vessel to receive all I needed to start this next chapter in my life.

Human beings are an extremely powerful species. We are all governed by a higher source. We are the universe, and the universe is in everything. We are all connected by universal energy. I not only receive those words from my higher self but applied them, believe in them and now guided by them. The universe and the higher source is now what governs my life, and we are all always supported. The universal energy has us.

My entire life started to change. I worked and healed, opening up all my chakra centers and created a flow of energy both spiritually and physically. Creating that flow by releasing these blockages allowed the internal healing to occur on all levels of myself. The flow that occurred internally now became my external reality allowing flow in all areas of my life.

For almost my whole life, I realized how disconnected I was to my physical being. I had a void, a sense of lack, pain, sorrow, disconnect that was mainly driven by fear. Overcoming my fears in life was the hardest emotion that I could face. I had to go right back into the depths of my fears and relive them physically, go through the death of that emotion to be born again free from that fear.

Doing the work of emotional healing is absolutely vital and critical to healing. I have worked with many healers, shamans, sages, leaders etc and I think there is much work to be done about going inside and the “knowing” how to heal. Many people say, “I am healed and fine…” Little do they realize that buried deep down in their energy centers and their organs, lies that dormant stagnated energy block. Many symptoms, signals and signs clearly indicate the blockages that still reside.

The healing and liberation when overcoming these emotions is the most delicate, humbling and graceful feeling ever to be felt. Releasing allows the receiving, but that work must be done. It takes time, focus and commitment. We are all here with purpose and contribution to the elevation of the collective consciousness. We are here to love each other, to lift each other and really to make this life here on earth harmonious. Life is meant to be beautiful and playful. Our souls have been gifted to live the life here on earth to express, to feel, to play to serve and receive.

When we do the individual work and heal, we live in alignment with our purpose. When we are in alignment with our purpose, our vibrations grant us the flow of abundance to keep creating to keep giving back.

It’s when we fall off our path in life that we feel disjointed and disconnected which is where the cycles of self destructive behaviors fall into place. This becomes a vicious circle which leads to primitive thoughts and behaviors, creating more of the negative and blocked flow of energy towards you to receive.

When I was literally disconnected from my body, I physically felt the burden of my body- the weight, the illness, the dis-ease and the discomfort which escalated. I chose to understand and to do the work that I came here on earth to do. I turned inward to listen and to be guided. The guidance was there and I was there to receive. During my transformation, I also received my unique and personal gifts that I may have always known I had but definitely not at that level. I was unclear, confused and lost. We are all encompassed with our own special gifts relevant to each of us and our purpose. I spent most of life until now trying to create my life, an identity and purpose. All these answers that I yearned to receive have always been inside me, I mentioned earlier until I did the work to heal and to be “working” from a place of purity, love and light. If the internal and work on one’s self is not composed with the heart and through higher self and connection it becomes difficult to receive. I had to clear out the debris and pollution that we collect being human. Release to receive!!!!

After doing this work my life had unfolded before my eyes, every single day granting me the people to hold hands with on my life journey, support, coincidences, opportunity and abundance. I feel love for myself that I did not even comprehend could exist. I have so much love and respect for my body, my soul and my spirit. Most of all I have complete respect and appreciation for all these teachers in my life; whether it be family, my son, my husband, all my past personal relationships, past and present acquaintances, friends and now my tribe for being in my life experiencing the situations. I realized that every person in my life was right where they needed to be, when they were as they are all part of lessons for growth.

We are taught that pain, fear, sadness and anger are negative emotions, yet we are blinded by the power behind these emotions once they are realized, accepted, and then transmuted. We must work to release ourselves from this mental imprisonment that many mostly live entires lives in because of lack of knowing or even believing. We must nurture and cradle ourselves and embrace all the emotions and events in our with the knowing that the universe is in complete alignment with your success if you choose to lift that view to see. The reward is euphoric and opens the heart to receive and fulfill your purpose. How magical is that? To live in love, to work in the light and to be in harmony and complete clarity. We hold the power from within. Quiet the mind and turn inward to receive your guidance.

A large part of my life “work,” mission, is to give back all of these teachings, techniques, wisdom and knowledge that I receive through actively participating in my life, through actively receiving from higher source and being completely connected. Lifting the veil and experiencing the “rebirth” to the higher connection to self that we are all meant to operate from. Join me in this journey of self discovery.

With love and light,


Featured Image via artxman on Instagram