Hello, I am Tanja

Wife. Mother. Lyme Disease Warrior. Lifelong Student. Seeker of Enlightenment and passionate Wellness Advocate

My intention is to create a platform were I can share, support and encourage wellness and enlightenment. Through my journey, I have been blessed by the knowledge of great teachers, touched by the hands of incredible healers and gifted with wisdom through my experiences. 

My passion is curating health and wellness therapies, experiences, treatment and products that inspire personal growth and enlightenment.

My Health Story

Mysteriously becoming extremely ill leading into the age of 30, it wasn’t until 1.5 years into trial and error of discovery that I was properly diagnosed. Life as I knew it spiraled out of my control. My health rapidly declined for three years and I had lost the ability to function. I was unable to work my business and was challenged in my every day life. Thankfully, my support system allowed me to navigate through my illness and find my way through this health journey.

Some of my initial symptoms were extreme fatigue, weight fluctuations then pure weight gain, hair loss, nightmares, hot sweats at night and cold sweats by day, itchy skin, rashes, allergies to the world as I knew it, skin breakouts, unbalanced hormones, excruciating pain in my upper back radiating down to my sciatica, lymph swelling especially in my neck to the point where I could barely turn my head with golf ball size swellings all over my neck. I also experienced loss of my thyroid function, nerve damage, brain fog, memory loss, disorientation, hallucinations (which were terrifying), blood sugar imbalances, malnutrition even though I was gaining weight, muscle wasting, and an inability to workout and be active due to the weakness of my body.  The inability to work alongside daily tasks became extremely challenging

Even though battling and so ill and managing many levels of my health, my appearance minus the periodical face rashes, I often looked normal. Lyme disease is often referred to as the “invisible disease”, making it hard for many people to believe that I was so ill. There was a struggle emotionally and mentally through this process due to this isolated feeling, alongside the lack of information and support in the medical system at that time.

My Treatment Journey

My journey involved many let downs especially through the western medical system. Many health care professionals told me I was not sick, or that I was simply over exhausted or depressed. I was told I was dealing and managing too much internal and emotional stress and that was why my body was shutting down.

The journey of recovery and treatment is hardly just a physical one, but rather a union of spirituality, physical and emotional. I experimented with alternative treatments and therapy’s with many leading healers, shamans, practitioners and specialist. I tapped into a new world of healing!
In the early stages of treatment, I found the approaches to be much more invasive and aggressive, but only because the approach was incorrect for me at that time in my journey. I discovered that there are many layers to healing and every layer must be approached with the coherency of the next layer. In and out of many clinics, all which have their own methods. Through my experiences, I truly was able to understand how healing works. Healing is not a one size fits all. It has to a be personalized treatment and approach, as we are all different as are our constitutional dispositions. The healing process took much commitment and time. It also comes down to life style changes to promote lasting effects. 

I could barely move, and after a year I lost the ability to perform daily tasks. I pushed through, but it was truly so challenging to lose control over my own life. The feeling of loneliness and displacement (as many of us deal with) was one of the worst parts of Lyme Disease.

I found myself in the ER many times with mystery emergency health complications and daily episodes of flare ups, with my body in constant flight or fight. My Symptoms included potentially deadly brain infection leading to chronic brain inflammation and dysfunction, heart dysfunction (arrhythmia and palpitations), Lyme mimic of Parkinson’s Disease, MS, many co-infections, and Bels Palsy.

Due to lack of information and direction with the treatment of Lyme at that time, much of my treatments in the beginning were trial and error. Prior to even being diagnosed properly I was being treated on surface for symptoms, never addressing the core problem that created that symptoms to begin with. This lead into sequences of let downs, frustration, and feeling even more ill. I had to take control of my treatment journey because I was so overwhelmed physically and internally and becoming a lot worse before better. I had to use intuition and really become aware of how my body was responding and speaking to me regarding my treatments and the reactions that I had towards them.

Much of the treatment approaches I started experiencing with were quite alternative and under the radar at the time. They did help with my symptoms but the real success in treatment happened when I discovered personalized treatments in a clinic in New York with their brilliant doctor and team. During my discoveries in Lymes and the treatment, through much persistence of my husband David, I was able to identify a pituitary adenoma. I had an intuition that I had that for years but was denied discoveries through the western system for years. One out of many health implications.

Finally I began research & development to find new approaches to diagnoses and the best doctors out there to help me battle my Lyme Disease. In doing so…the lights came on and the bells were ringing…this was the beginning of my journey into transitioning from sick to rising.

My Transition & Enlightenment

My transition transpired when I came into realization that Lyme Disease now became my influence for new and grander education. Lyme Disease was put in my path to guide and lead me into something I may have not otherwise embraced yet, my journey and life in health and wellness. I have always been attracted to a career in this sector, but Lyme Disease compelled me sooner. My enlightenment and transition was inspired through observing, training and listening to healers.

I came to realization that much of my transition occurred through my own intuition, becoming in tune and aware of my body, mind and spirit. There is a powerful union between the mind, body and spirit, and when fine tuned there is harmony that flows throughout your body.The answers needed to heal the body are within you and the mind will guide you, when you listen. Learning to navigate this coherency was largely a part of my success. The understanding and courage to go from with in myself, find my truth and my unknown was my greatest discovery to lead me to live to my full potential and gain freedom within my health. I found that by moving out of my own way. I had wonderful guidance and hands holding my hand supporting this growth. I am for ever grateful for everyone who was a part of my transformation and guidance. I am blessed that these people I can call friends in my life now and forever. 

I am forever an ambitious student of life and will continue to grow and prosper in this field.
Overcoming my fears and insecurities is an ongoing process but is instrumental to sustaining good health and vitality. I began to respect and love my self more then ever and I actually truly learned who I am, my resilience, my power, my strength and my purpose. I learned how to recognize my weaknesses and applauded my progress and always grateful for the journey. I discovered that I have an undeniable purpose to serve and I am willing to explore that, I have planted a new seed in my life and move forward embracing the path.

Life is a journey and for me this was mine. In return for all of my blessings and knowledge gained, I choose to share this with people in hopes that they too may find something that resonates with them and maybe offer some enlightenment in their journeys to prosperity! 

The enlightenment came from the journey I had to take from within myself which took and will continue to take tremendous work. Overcoming my fears and insecurities is still a struggle for me but a work in progress. I began to love myself more than ever, and believe undeniably that I serve a purpose and I am willing to explore that. I planted a new seed in my life and choose to flourish and proposer, basically to  get out of my own way.

Health and wellness is the coherency of many elements that all enable ones success. There is a coherency of the heart, body, mind and spirit. The understanding and courage to go within and pull out your truth even if it is painful or is in resistance to the life you are living.

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