There are many forms of light therpay and all are very soothing and comforting promoting overall good health and balancing. All light therapies offer an array of healing aspects.

Infrared light therapy: Sunlighten is my preference but there are many options with far infrared therapies. I actually have one in my home that I don’t live without. There are actually many forms of light therapies. Light therapy is very soothing and relaxing. It helps open and detox the pathways, that are usually blocked due to inflammation. This therapy also helps with pain reduction, weight loss and skin purification. It aids the body circulation. Mostly, when the body is battling inflammation and constantly in pain and in discomfort this therapy is a go to place to feel relaxed. When I was in excruciating pain and my inflammation was extremely uncomfortable I would they to go into the sauna and literally felt the toxins being sweat away. I did have to be aware of not over staying the visit as well because at times staying in long periods of time in heat and light also could activate an onset of symptoms or even flare up. 15 minutes was usually effective and efficient until I could slowly work my way up.

Crystal light therapy:designed by world renown healer John of God, this therapy combines Colour, light, and quartz crystals. This therapy targets the body and mind connection also working on chakra balancing. The continuously growing crystal industry has taken new levels of healing incorporating light therapy combined with the crystals offered heightened effects of both elements. This treatment leaves you feeling refreshed and revived and aids better sleeping patterns. Its just really is quite magically in its settings and its results. The crystals are set above you on a table and then illuminated. Many times the crystal therapy is joined with infrared healing mats under the body to create even a more healing environment paired with rhythms nurturing the soul and mind. Surrender to the beauty and awaken your soul.

Halo therapy was another of one of my absolute favourite light concepts. Anyone who knows me well enough knows that I am a junkie for therapies and products in wellness and health. Besides the fact that I am a product junkie, I have a fascination with phyto therapies and the potentials of plants and healing. Halo uses frequency of ultraviolet light through vials filled with herbs, plants and amino acids that deliver the energetic properties of these substances to the body… LOVE THIS!!