I have been down a few different pathways of the healing journey and treatment. None of them were fun or easy, but interesting to learn about. There are only a few approaches that I learned fundamentally beneficial for success into remission. In the beginning of my treatment journey, due to lack of knowledge in this world and treatment of auto immune disease, I was put on a treatment starting backwards. I was given high doses of chelation and also attempted antibiotic treatment. This really quickly backlashed on me. My body, mind and spirit was not in the place to handle such aggressive approach at that time. After two years of back-and-forth approaches, trial and error, and personal discoveries I was able to identify and have success with the correct approach to treatment. It is critical and now that information is available, to research different avenues and feel what resonates with you. Treatment is difficult no matter what your personal constitution and health status would be.

The first stage of healing is to identify the underlining cause of your actual illness or disease. There are many new advanced diagnostic testing to educate yourself about. One of these is called BOA – it’s a comprehensive blood analysis that is able to identify the root of your actual illness. Another device used to diagnose is Bioresonance, and is worth looking into if you’re searching to find the underlying causes of how you feel.

There are also sophisticated blood tests to identify many types of disease. One may find that the original onset of any disease actually stems from emotional blockages and emotional imprints on subconscious from as early as childhood. The root of any illness is a collective of an emotional, physical and spiritual state of health.

It is so important to come across your proper diagnosis. Only then will you be able to see the correct treatment. I hit countless walls until I was properly diagnosed.

Once the diagnostic is given, a personalized medical treatment needs to be established. Personalized medical treatment means that you are not doing a generic treatment that the person next to you was doing. Your treatment is designed exclusively for your specific results and needs. Some of us who are dealing with auto immune disease are not able to have proper detox pathways due to blockages. Some of these blockages include detox pathways such as the lymphs, bowels, and even emotional blockages. If there is stagnation and detoxing we will become very burdened with toxicity during any treatment and potentially toxicity can redistribute in our blood, making us feel even more sick.

Some very beneficial ways to enable detox pathways to open up is through some colonics- jumping on a rebounder to get the blood moving and your blood re-distributing and circulating. Another great way to get movement in your bowels and liver is to do at home enemas. These are very powerful and effective to slowly start opening up pathways and detoxing. Open pathways are critical or detoxing will be painful and can cause your system to reabsorb the toxins, making you feel worse. Infrared saunas can be very beneficial as well. And of course, the old saying of “drinking a lot of water” is needed and true. An example of water being needed is if you tend to have a smelly under arm odor – this is caused from toxicity being trapped. Water helps detox and under arm odor is a very big sign that you need to drink more water. Movement is also a key element for keeping your blood circulating. Never stop moving even if it gets so hard; even 15 minutes helps.

The next stage is to determine your personalized treatment. In this stage you have oral treatment, intravenous treatment, Bioresonance, detox and drainage, restoration of the body pH levels, replenishing organs, and strengthening your overall body immunity. I have been exposed to many clinics that take a very different approach that is quite aggressive and It can make your body spiral into havoc quite quickly.

The body, mind, and spirit needs to be strengthened before adding any extra pressure from treatment. In this detox phase one may notice on emotional level, a lot of emotions being brought up to surface creating even more stress. It is vitally important to be equipped mentally and physically as much as possible to handle this next phase which is critical. Surrounding yourself with support systems will be beneficial.

This next phase is actually going in and tackling the pathogens themselves. This can last anywhere from 3 to 4 weeks and can be very aggressive and very uncomfortable. I have noticed in this stage any symptoms that I have been dealing with for a period of time really start to come to surface and get worse before gets better. During this treatment, continuous detox and drainage techniques are very much in place and valuable. The better your system is detoxing the less discomfort you’re going to feel. During this time emotional support is also in place, including emotional treatment; and nutritional regimes are set. During this discovery stage, treatment stage, and recovery stage it is vitally important to stick to the regime as much as possible to have a greater success rate for more remission.

Also the conception that one can resume life as they used to can be very untrue statement. A lifestyle change is usually in need to continue to progress and resume good health. We are much more delicate to relapses in declining health, and trigger points are very sensitive. I personally believe and felt that it was the best opportunity in my life to make a complete lifestyle change and stand by it. There is no doubt that treatment is uncomfortable, unpleasant, and very trying. But when that moment of good health, mental clarity, even remission comes into place there’s not a greater space in the world that you would want to be in. Every effort taken to this point was worth every single minute.

In general, when creating a treatment path or plan, one must really follow their intuition and really feel out what resonates. We are all different and so are our healing cycles. In essence, you do become your own life and health coach. Others are just there to guide, promote and support you. You know yourself more than any other person, and your body wants to heal. Listen to what your body is telling you in terms of reactions and feelings you have with your results. When you’re resonating on positive energy and there’s a flow and no resistance, the chances of success and your results will be much more powerful. Most of all, embrace the process and give thanks to every step of improvement. The state of gratitude creates an environment for more receiving which creates more healing.

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