Having autoimmune diseases and Lyme disease, life became very challenging. My mornings were so difficult and yet always demanding, having a family and a business. Even though they are supportive, the demands had to be met. I quickly had to become creative in how to hack and override my dreadful feelings of exhaustion in the morning. Even though in the beginning these actions were tedious and I was exhausted of even thinking of putting another layer into my routine, the results were beneficial and are still a part of my daily life and routine. This routine actually has a huge impact on my well-being.

During my journey I very quickly learned that the mind has great power over the body and implemented mindful and affirmative techniques daily. I started to research further and understood how powerful the body is if used properly. Engaging in movement in my early morning and breathe work was imperative to increasing the circulation and the ever so depleted oxygen in my body. I basically have a physical and mental espresso shot routine for my mornings. The entire routine typically takes about 20 minutes, which is hardly much time considering the lasting effects it has on my day.

My typical morning looks a little like this:


Every morning upon opening your eyes the brain is in an alpha state of mind, which is known as the gateway to the subconscious. By creating, stating and visualizing a strong affirmation in the early morning in this state you will have much more success retraining your brain and fulfilling your desires. Affirmations and gratitude of what I already have is on my morning checklist.

Breathe Work

I have adapted the Wim Hoff breathing method for years now and it has stabilized my energy levels. This method keeps me calm and invigorated with steady flow throughout my body and brain. This technique is basically engaging in 30 power breathes followed by a hold and then a breath again. When starting this technique do your research and learn the technique and feel the amount of breathes you feel comfortable in doing, as this is very powerful.

Jump on Rebounder

I then move on to rebounding, which has worked wonders on my immune system because it helps activate the lymph flow and circulation. This is important because the lymphs are important in clearing our toxins and waste and keeps our blood clean. I usually jump for about 10-15mins, but 5 minutes is even sufficient. Rebounding is gentle on the joints, which is helpful when dealing and managing inflammation. If you’re just starting out, this workout from Dr. Axe is a great place to start!

Cold Shower

Before moving into my kitchen routine I jump into the shower and do ten seconds on and off ten times of hot and cold water. Or 30 seconds of super cold water to wake up my senses and immune system and turn metabolism on.

Kitchen Routine

Three minutes of oil pulling, shot of Apple cider vinegar, glass of warm lemon water and fresh green smoothie of blended vegetables and herbs. 

This seems like a big routine, but once I started to commit, this just became my life and I could not function the way I do without this morning glory wake up body shot!!