It is amazing how instant the feeling of joy and happiness springs upon us as soon as our feet touch the sand by the ocean. Or how our senses are evoked by the wilderness, the feeling of sun kissing us and the feeling of running through the grass barefoot. Or the feeling of internal peace springs upon us when in touch with nature. Since the beginning of time we have always had a strong connection to nature and as evolution took place we started to disconnect more and more. Human health is very much connected to environment. In the beginning of time, humans were very connected with the earth; they mostly walked barefoot and slept on the ground being fueled by the earths natural energy. When they did wear shoes they were mainly made from animal skins. Much research has shown that the disconnect of human contact with the earth has been a major contribution to autoimmune disease and health implications.

We are bioelectrical beings and our earth is electrical. Our bodies work internally on an electrical level that creates frequencies as a form of communication from organ to organ. It has been said that the earth is similar to a giant battery for humans.

Earthing has been shown to benefit inflammation, chronic stress, sleep issues, normalize blood pressure and flow, lower stress, increase energy,  and stabilize biological rhythms.

Even going outside for 10 minutes a day a putting your feet into nature will have a great impact and benefit to you wellbeing and health. Lay down on the earth or hug a tree….there is nothing more powerful than the earths natural elements

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