Cupping is an ancient form of Chinese medicine. Usually heated glass cups are used to create suction. This can be done anywhere on the body. This method is used to help eliminate toxins, inflammation, reduce pain, create circulation and blood flow, and loosen stagnated blood.

When I first started cupping, I was fascinated. The more toxic you are the darker the cupping spots become on your back. I was completely covered in deep dark purple spots all over my back. The relief from cupping was tremendous and very quickly my lymphs detoxed the toxins out of my body. I felt much more energy, positive moods, clarity and more restful and definitely less pain. I also suffered from a great deal of pain between my shoulders blades and this gave me incredible relief.

Recently, while getting a facial, my therapist also did facial cupping. It was wonderful! We also have lymphs on the side of our face leading down our necks. I found this helpful for draining my face and lifting. Face cupping leaves the face looking rejuvenated and more youthful. I even purchased an at home kit so I can receive the same effects at home. It even works great for lip plumping!!

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