“We have to dare to be ourselves, however frightening or strange that self may prove to be.”

May Sarton

Mental health is dealt with by every being at some point in their lives. Unfortunately, many people reside in a state of mental illness longer than necessary or anticipated. 

Throughout my life’s journey I had some temporary states of mental illness that had challenged me more often than not; and of course, being human, we are always challenged as our boundaries are challenged in life. 

When battling years of Lyme disease, besides the terrible infection that resided in my brain that created significant brain fog and challenged my brain function, I was often in a state of despair and fear.  After two years of yo-yo treatments all around the globe in every health practice you can think of, I would always hit a wall and plateau. I felt like I just could not rise above in my mental function and state of being. My good and strong days were few and looked upon as a gift.

It was when I started to take a different approach to mastering my state of being and life that I began to feel whole and in control. I became committed to self awareness and “self acquiring” that was brought upon me naturally during some rituals I was introduced to and started practicing. In that state of awareness I sustained self-connection. I had not realized how detached I became from myself and was dictated by many outer influences, which was the physical, material world that we all live in. I had lost connection to Self and my soul and the further away I drifted from my soul and self-knowing, the less faith I had in believing the great and vast support of this incredible, powerful universe and the universe within ourselves. All I had ever needed was within me.

Realizing that we completely define and give meaning to what our emotions are reacting to and how we have power to deactivate any state when we gain control, is liberation. 

How do we take control of our being?

The answer is Awareness; Awareness and understanding of Self. When moments of despair, anger, or fear come about you need to truly go through the emotion (which is normal), but then step back from that moment and contemplate. Becoming aware is to become conscious, which allows you through your awareness to take control of the direction of the moments you experience. 

When we experience moments of hardship it is critically important to be truly a witness to this experience and not fully embody the experience.  Move through the emotion and allow yourself to feel the feelings, observe them, accept them and then release them. When we reside in the experience and the unnecessary extended periods of dwelling we are unconsciously declaring to the universe that this is where we need to be and would like to continue to reside which attracts more of the same situations, people, and energies instead of clearing the old and welcoming in the new.

Commit to self-inquiry and see if that reaction is true to that current moment, or if your reaction is based upon a past experience or feeling that has been triggered in the moment. Ask yourself, “Where does this reaction stem from? Is it the truth, and why is this moment showing up for me?” What must you take away from that moment for your own growth?

If we could adopt the knowing that every emotion felt and every one of our experiences is truly a tiny fraction of many learning experiences that aid our life’s journey, we would not attach to them so intensely. Attachments to any idea, structure, emotion or concept is what brings on the feelings, as we have given meaning to them through our previous attachments based upon our experiences. Recognize that we are creators of our beings and that every moment lived has been attracted to you, by you. You have drawn this moment to you, as there must be more for you to learn and grow from. 

We all can practice gratitude and take all moments as moments with great teachers. Our feelings allow us to see these moments and feel them. We are incredibly powerful beings that have complete power to take dominion over our physical, spiritual and emotional selves. 

Your word is your command.

Living in the present, that “I AM” presence, is what allows us to detach for past attachments and allows us to fully connect to ourselves. In this state of self connection we are no longer dwelling in our past or anticipating the future, which is when we can mentally, physically and spiritually reside in a state of peace. Receive and let go. Moment to Moment.

Be kind and gentle to yourself, show up for any emotion that you feel and embrace yourself through that moment. Cradle yourself instead of being hard on yourself for enduring this moment again.

Understand that the universe is here to support you and act as your cheerleader. We are all meant to be winners; to succeed and feel triumph over our personal victories, and the beauty of being human in our form to feel, and to be expressions of love and life.Every single being is here for their own purpose- to be that unique being of expression that contributes to this grand collective of energy in this universe. Every one of us is just as important as the person next to us. Have compassion for yourself and the world we live in and its inhabitants. 

Here are some great tools for connecting to Self and having dominion over Self:


Always go back to breath. Our breath governs our existence and most of the time we are constricting our breath. Breathing is a form of receiving and releasing, which is critical in these challenging moments. The same way we inhale to receive and exhale to release, do the same for these moments of challenge. Release them from your energy centers. Exhale.


Rise up to your self truths. Remove everyone and everything from your mind’s data and focus on your repeated thought cycles, emotional storages and triggers and follow that cord back to its original experiences. A great way to self discovery is through writing and vocal expression. When in an emotional state that is challenging you try to write out the first feelings that come to you freely or express them vocally. Often you will find that that moment was a trigger not the initiator. When the focal point is found move into that, feel it and release.

We are all divine human beings living a divine experience in this life’s journey, every moment counts as a blessing to the flourishing of your true, authentic self. 


Activate your state of awareness. Tune into your moments and be present. When we are fully connected we have clarity, it becomes difficult to fall off of our paths. We become confident and feel support through inner knowing, guidance and our divine essence if harnessing our journey.


Movement is critical to continue to flow through life. Like water flows through this universe, we must flow through our lives. Movement in our outer world keeps the flow in our inner world of physical health, mental flow, and spiritual flow.

Practice Gratitude:

Give gratitude to all the challenges, all emotions, and feelings expressed. You can also give gratitude for all the teachings, wisdom, experience and knowledge received every single day.

Sacred Time/Space:

Create a beautiful space or time that you have for yourself. This can be anywhere. Even for 10 minutes per day and then work your way up to more time to yourself. Space in your life is critical to self actualizing. In this space and time we can recollect ourselves and compose. Quiet the mind and soul and allow yourself your self love and compassion. Sometimes adding in rituals such as mediation, movement, music, writing, candles, essences, and sage are all wonderful addons to your time.

Heart Space:

Become aware and actively drop down into your heart space as often as you can remember. Move into compassion. Love conquers all and when we can truly operate from our heart space often, there is less resistance in life and life begins to flow magically.


Consciously participate in life. When we are aware and conscious we choose our outcomes as we have complete dominion over ourselves. Perhaps if in an argument or in an emotional fix, activate your consciousness to navigate and maybe entirely release yourself from that situation. The more we live in the state of consciousness the more connected to Self we are, and in more harmony we shall live.

Tanja Subotic is a Wife, Mother, Lyme Disease Warrior. And a Lifelong Student. Tanja’s passion is curating health and wellness therapies, experiences, treatment and products that inspire personal growth and enlightenment.