This therapy was a game changer for me in my health journey. It opened up a flow of energy that I instantly experienced. At one point my pain was so very debilitating bringing me to the point of tears almost every time I moved my neck. My lymph’s were constantly swollen and my inflammation was definitely working against my mobility. I found Dr Payam Hakimi, and his work is brilliant. He is incredibly talented and knowledgable in the coherency of all the elements of healing the mind, body and soul. At first the therapy seemed a little funky because I guess I was just not used to it and it was simply new. He worked inside my mouth working on my cranial and jaw, that was the new and unusual for me. Then he worked on areas of my body to open up the flow and release blockages that create stagnation. My mind and body felt such a relief and that evening my sleep was much better. I had the bonus of receiving some clarity which was also a new result for me that I had not experienced in a while.  I also felt in a way a sense of mobility and freedom. I was unwinded. Cranial Sacral therapy is a type of body work usually performed by an osteopath. I had incredible pain and chronic insomnia. I had instant relief from the first treatment. This type of body work manipulates the affect of circulation of the cerebrospinal fluids. The therapy is very therapeutic and rejuvenates proper flow of lymphatic, endocrine and nervous system.

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