Chakras are our luminous anatomy. The same way that our organs play an instrumental role in our physical body, our chakras are just as important to our soul body. 

The chakras lie along the spine, which is considered to be the axis of the human body and is the link from the earth to the heavens. An embryo in the womb actually first creates the spine in which the body will then grow around that axis. The spine axis represents the life force both in the physical and the spiritual world. It is where the life force travels inside us, which in the physical body is our central nervous system controlling all functions of the mind and body.

Cultivating and awakening our spiritual spine allows the flow of energy to move through these energy centers, creating more flow through our lives. When we awaken our dormant energy centers we are able to heal, sustain energy and live a more balanced and synchronized life.

Chakras in Sanskrit translates to “wheel” or “disk”. The invisible disk or wheel is in constant motion. Each of these energy centers is their own source of information which communicates with our physical and soul body. This motion is what creates our “prana“, vital force. It is critical to our health and energetic field that these chakras are open and in motion for the energy to flow through and work simultaneously through our soul body and our psychical body as they are connected.

Every chakra holds it’s own frequency and unique expression of its information. Each chakra has its own gland and works with its own hormones that affect that physical body. In the physical actions of our day to day lives, we expend much of these chakras energy output just by performing our daily tasks such as eating, working, sleeping, speaking, etc. Like anything else in our bodies, there is wear and tear and our chakras need as much attention as our organs do, if not more. We must actively become in tune and aware of this energy and channel the chakras that are energized internally to grow spiritually, to grow and cultivate flow,  and to encourage creativity, passion, love and inner peace.

Every chakra is connected to hormones, glands, emotions, and control reactions that become transparent in the body that can cause pain, grief, ailment, disease, and discomfort. There are many beautiful ways to open up the chakras and keep that flow of your vital energy, which will create and continue prosperity and flow in your physical experiences in life. I will dive deeper into this in a later post.

There are seven main Chakras although there are many more these are the main energy centers. Diving deep into relationships with these energy points is very important and key to having a clear understanding of self. Activating and working on opening up our chakra centers brings our spiritual and physical selves into harmony and balance. We then can declutter the accumulation of stored emotions that create havoc spiritually and physically and natural we can proceed living life in the “now” .