There are a few techniques that have an amazing result when activating the Chakras. It is human nature in this world that we live in, absorbing and consuming all the time, for us to fall off the track. When we are not aligned and have in some sense lost our selves in life, we will absolutely feel this through our energy centers as they have a direct effect on our soul and body. When there is disharmony within our chakra centers, we tend to live in imbalanced circumstances. Some chakras can become blocked while others can become too active.

It is interesting, as we are all taught to truly pay deep attention to our physical bodies through diet, exercise, and other physical practices that we do not spend even remotely enough attention to our Chakra energy centers.

Most of the work on our physical body is performed as duties, and even in these moments, we forget to be present and potentially conduct these practices without enjoyment. To have an impact and positive response the intention, feeling, attention, and emotion attached to the action must be expressed.  We also must turn inwards to acknowledge and love ourselves on the inside as well as the outside. We are living organisms and our whole body it’s own ecosystem that receives and releases information just as we do as human bodies being governed by our systems. Our systems have systems within those systems, and everything is completely alive and active. We must communicate with all of these systems and organisms. The power we possess to heal ourselves is extraordinary and inside every one of us.


Our daily environment has a tremendous impact on our inner biology and energy. Dr. Bruce Lipton goes into much more of a scientific analysis of this theory. If our environments are negative, or people and the energy of the space is of a low frequency, of course, this energy with be received from being in that presence. Everything is life is vibration and frequency, therefore, it makes sense that if we bring in negative fields of energy we will absorb that energetic information transfer within ourselves. Living in negative circumstances too long will have a more in-depth and detrimental shift in our own internal programs creating lasting negative results.


One of the best ways to ground down within our Chakras to gain more stability and to feel centered is to spend some time in nature. This also opens up our chakras and allows us to absorb positive energy from the earth. Take off your shoes and feel the earth and its vibrations. Allow and visualize the earth’s electromagnetic frequencies to travel through and up within your body. 


Humans started off completely connected to nature and as we have evolved and created civilizations we have built up and away from nature and the ground. Even the fact we wear shoes has disconnected us from being in touch with the earth. The universe and nature are always there to aid us in our life. We must get back in touch with nature and our earth, and love it as it loves us. You can start by wrapping your arms around a tree to receive its energy and say thank you. Allow life and the universe to move through you, and it will. Give yourself at least 30 minutes each day to connect with nature in any way you can, even by simply taking a bath to immerse yourself into water.


At all times we are navigating through our lives using our mind. Much of our decisions and daily routines are governed by our brains. It is exhausting residing in our thoughts and minds all day, throughout every single day of our existence. Meditation is our exit out of our minds, to drop down into our heart space so we can navigate and project from the heart. Imagine if everyone actually functioned through more heart and less mind, the world would be in much more harmony.

Meditation is one of the best tools we have to open up our chakra. Much of this happens when we are able to visualize the chakra color and with our imaginations move through and open our chakra centers. There are many guided meditations that guide one through the process of opening up each chakra or a combination. The key to opening up the chakras is to focus your energy on them one at a time. Understanding each chakra and its function is a great start to understanding how to navigate the flow of energy through these points. Mentally associating the names and colors during your practices while orally expressing the name of the chakra center will engage your energy.


The use of mantras is an extremely powerful tool to activate your chakras. As mantras are chanted there is a vibrational resonance that takes place awakening the chakra. Chanting is putting words into actions, which creates inner and outer vibrations. Think of it as like you’re singing to your chakra. Vibrations are very powerful and when directed to the associated chakra. This awakening is activated because our body, mind, and soul are completely engaged setting the vibrational tone. The most known mantras are the Bija Mantras. Bija Mantras are known to benefit your well being, brain function, mental health, physical state, and self-awareness. 


Moving the energy physically through the body is very important. Yoga, static dancing, Qi Chong, Tai Chi, martial arts are absolutely beautiful ways to keep your energy always moving though. Delicate and concentrated movement keeps us engaged and focused on the intention of harnessing our energetic flow through motions of purpose.


Having awareness of yourself and setting intentions around your awareness is vital in sustaining any practice that can activate these openings. Take your time and slow down, BREATHE and surrender to whatever it is you are engaging in in your spiritual journey to fully benefit the amazing outcome you are seeking.