Awareness is like the sun. When it shines on things they are transformed”

Thich Nhat Hanh

Through my personal journey of growth over the last decade, I have received a tremendous wealth of knowledge. However, the greatest shift started occurring with a heightened awareness within me. 
It is one thing to read about awareness or learn how to become more aware, but it is a completely different state of being when you are constantly in an active state of awareness and participating in your life. What this practice has done for me was to shift every single thing in my life through the art of awareness. 
This actually started in the depth of my health decline approximately 5 years ago. I was extremely ill, and barely functioning. I remember having this life-changing conversation with my then 7-year-old son Gabriel, who is an extremely wise old soul. He made me acutely aware of a pattern that I had become a slave to being sick. I was incredibly ill and at this point, my life revolved around “healing”. From a number of different therapies, doctors, obsessive research – anything that could help me heal completely consumed my life. Gabriel pointed out to me that if I keep acting upon the notion of being sick, then sick I would stay! He continued on telling me that the act of me “healing” suggested energetically, in other terms, that I was indeed sick, and sick was what I would continue to feel. 
How incredible was this to hear from such a young, pure source? He suggested that instead of going to therapies to “heal” myself that I should be acting upon the pleasures that I love, painting, arts, cooking, dancing, fitness, swimming, playing with him, massages and other activities that would light my soul and fuel me with happiness. 
This was pivotal for my change as it brought me such incredible insight (which of course I would have known if my mind was not so disruptive). That conversation alone resonated with every cell in my body, I actually felt lit up in that very moment and this wave of happiness flowed through my body and my heart like a tidal wave and washed away that storm from within. I literally was given the lenses to have awareness of my actions from that day forward and have completely embodied awareness into every minute of my life. 
Consistency was key to mastering awareness. The beauty of mastering awareness was the direct connection to learning about myself and to truly understand the essence of my being. Many times it was as though I was meeting myself for the first time, even though I am baffled to think I clearly understood the nature of who I was before this work. This makes sense to me, as I struggled quite a bit with identifying to my own ideas, belief systems, models and even myself as a person. 
We often hear people stating that they are taking time off, or going away to “find” themselves or even participate in activities and hobbies that maybe act as escape mechanism because of the lack of connection they have. This is an “inside” job, not external. The work has to happen by turning inward and activating awareness to yourself. It is the first step to waking up to that beautiful soul within waiting to shine brightly in this universe.
When I started to tune in and become extremely aware of myself and my patterns I was quickly able to accept, correct and transmute my emotions. Awareness is magic. It is every answer that we are constantly going outwards to search for. The answer is always within. Along my journey, I would also seek outward experiences, and so many of my great mentors would state “the answer is within you Tanja”. When I experienced this myself I was finally able to understand because I had direct experience. My world became magical, it seemed like it was an overnight process! Truly magical. An explosion of colors, knowledge, strength, love, passion, and excitement beyond belief.


Awareness was what set me free from the barriers that I confined myself to. I was limiting myself without awareness. Having that awareness allowed me to have control; control to be the limitless human we are all meant to be. Operating from a state of awareness is power. 


Quiet down the mind and turn inward. Become aware of the signals our body so naturally “red flags” us with when we fall off our path. Our bodies naturally react, along with our emotions subconsciously to protect us. Unfortunately, because we are rarely in the state of active awareness we often are missing the signals that our brain and body work together to give us. At this point, we are not aligned with our true essence. 


Our intrinsic nature of living this life is living in harmony and joy. Living life in this human vessel is a beautiful journey and should not be a journey of discomfort. We can be tapped into hearing from within and we can understand the intelligence of all of our senses and natural intuition that inside each and every one of us. Discomfort or illness should also be managed and understood as a teacher and not an enemy. This is all the magic of awareness, understanding and getting to know the soul within. Identifying who you are through specific and intentional practice is the only way one can get to the purpose of one’s life- your life mission!