In last week’s post, we introduced you to the chakras and how you can use them to find balance in your life. In this post, we’re diving deeper into each chakra center and giving you insight on what each is connected with.

There are seven main Chakras although there are many more these are the main energy centers. Diving deep into relationships with these energy points is very important and key to having a clear understanding of self. Activating and working on opening up our chakra centers brings our spiritual and physical selves into harmony and balance. We then can declutter the accumulation of stored emotions that create havoc spiritually and physically and natural we can proceed living life in the “now” .

ROOT: (Muladhara/Muladhar)

Element: Earth

This chakra is stability and our grounding to the earth. This is our materialistic needs and environmental awareness at the psychical level. With this energy center we are connected to earth, where the energy of earth flows upon and through us also our grounding point. It is our manifestation chakra. At this chakra point, we are deeply rooted into the ground and living very much outwardly, materialistically. We must awaken this chakra to move up the energy centers to move more into awakening. Being spirits in this human vessel, we are always in this chakra as it the grounding we need here on earth, but the key is to awaken and move beyond just this physical limitation spiritually. The root chakra is located in the pelvic region. The mantra for root chakra is LAM.

SACRAL/HARA: (Swadhisthana/Svadhisthan)

Element: Water

This energy point represents our passion, health, sexuality and creativity. This energy center is where our creative expression flows from allowing us to create from our passions. We cultivate our fulfillment and willpower that clarifies our purpose and keeps us aligned with it. We also carry much of our emotional baggage here and this is the center that many self-sabotaging behaviors take place as well. It is important to move, engage in good eating happens and be kind to your body. Most of all BREATHE, from this point upwards. This chakra is located beneath the navel. The mantra for Sacral chakra is VAM.

SOLAR PLEXUS: (Manipura)

Element: Fire

This is your personal power, you’re unique energy, intellectual mind, self-power and will, connection of mind and emotions. Here we ignite our cause, purpose, and mission in life.  The vault that carries our values and truths. Here we illuminate and have empowerment to push forward, fulfilling our purpose and bringing it into life.This chakra is located right under the breast bone above the Hara chakra. The manta for solar plexus is RAM.

HEART: (Anahata)

Element: Wood

This chakra stands in the middle of them all. The heart chakra has the power and will to heal, love, and stay in connection. It is our bridge between our lower and upper chakras. Here is where we turn inwards and are guided by the language of the heart. When cradled and properly cultivated we experience harmony, compassion, and pure love. Here our vulnerability is tested, but we must release to receive. This energy center is the heart. The mantra for the heart chakra is YAM.

THROAT: (Vishuddha)

Element: Air

Vishudda means “especially pure.” Our source of verbal expression. This is our voice, speech, and reason. This is the point of us that carries out our thoughts and by declaring statements and words into motion, we communicate our truth and purpose through this chakra. This is located at our throat. The mantra for the chakra is HAM.


Element: Ether

Another source of intuition, our imagination, the eyes into our soul. This is where one cultivates creativity, our vision. This is where our internal vision can be brought to new heights of “seeing.” Here we travel through our imagination to create. This chakra is located between the eyebrows. This mantra is OM.

CROWN: (Sahaswara)

Element: Light

Also known as, “The thousand petal lotus”, the “eye to God”, our highest self, our connection to source and the divine.  Experience of pure consciousness shedding of ego to receive insight, pureness, oneness and wholeness. Or soul purpose and gateway to our flow our energy and light. Activating this chakra takes much commitment and work as it incorporates the activation of all other chakra centers.

Now that you understand what each of the chakras represents, we can dive deeper into how to keep them in balance.